Infant Daughter Susag

b. 17 November 1974, d. 17 November 1974
Death* On Sunday, 17 November 1974, she died at Minnesota, USA. 
Birth*Infant Daughter Susag was born on 17 November 1974 at Minnesota, USA. 

Peter Edward Susag

Richard James Susag



Hester Sutherland

Marriage* Hester Sutherland and George W. Irving were married. 
Marriage* Hester Sutherland and (?) Marrow were married. 
Marriage Hester Sutherland and Lewis Bernard Seibert were married. 


George W. Irving

Jacob Sutherland

Jay Sutherland

Jordan Sutherland

Louella Mae Sutherland

Marriage* Louella Mae Sutherland and Harry Carl Johnson were married. 

Barbara Jane Sutton

b. circa 1942, d. before 9 December 2012
Birth*Barbara Jane Sutton was born circa 1942. 
Marriage* On 10 October 1981 Barbara Jane Sutton and Gary William Ehr, son of Leo Sylvester Ehr and Anna Catherine Pass, were married at Wisconsin, USA. 
Death* Before 9 December 2012, she died. 
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Pass Family Tree

Reverend Don Sutton

Allean Sviehl

Dale James Svien

Marriage* Dale James Svien and Patricia Marie Walburn were married. 

Tonia Lyn Svien

FatherDale James Svien
MotherPatricia Marie Walburn



Gary Thov Svingen

Marriage* Gary Thov Svingen and Kathy Lou Olson were married. 

Jonathan Ross Svingen

FatherGary Thov Svingen
MotherKathy Lou Olson

Susan Ellen Svoboba

Marriage* Susan Ellen Svoboba and Daryl Lee Goebel were married. 

Kathleen A. Svoboda

Marriage* Kathleen A. Svoboda and Keith R. Pieper were married. 

Susan Karen Swalboski

Marriage* Susan Karen Swalboski and Gregory John Haggenmiller were married. 

Frances B. Swan

Marriage* Frances B. Swan and James H. Mabee were married. 

(?) Swanson



Amanda Swanson

Marriage* Amanda Swanson and Walfred Augustson were married. 

Christopher Bruce Swanson

Christopher Gregory Swanson

Dean Bruce Swanson

Dorene Mae Swanson

Marriage* Dorene Mae Swanson and John Dalton Murphy were married.