Melissa Anne McGraw

FatherMichael Joseph McGraw
MotherDebra Jean McCann

Michael Joseph McGraw

Marriage* Michael Joseph McGraw and Debra Jean McCann were married. 

Thomas V. McGraw

Damien Dyke McGrey

Marriage* Damien Dyke McGrey and Marjorie Stahl were married. 


Marjorie Stahl

Mary Helen McGrey

b. 25 December 1933, d. 2 April 1995
FatherDamien Dyke McGrey
MotherMarjorie Stahl
Marriage* Mary Helen McGrey and Robert Joseph Badura, son of Joseph Frank Badura, were married. 
Birth*Mary Helen McGrey was born on 25 December 1933 at Wisconsin, USA. 
Death* On Sunday, 2 April 1995 at age 61, she died at Wisconsin, USA. 
Burial* Mary Helen McGrey was buried at Wisconsin, USA. Plot: "Sec 6". 

Andy McGuire

John McGuire

Matt McGuire

Daniel James McHugh

Frank McHugh

Marriage* Frank McHugh and Irene (?) were married. 

James Henry McHugh

FatherFrank McHugh
MotherIrene (?)

Michelle Lynn McHugh

Sarah McHugh



Barbara Lynn McIntosh

Herbert McIntosh

Etta M. McIntyre

Marriage* Etta M. McIntyre and Walter Jesse Buttke were married. 


Walter Jesse Buttke

Betty Sue McKamey

b. 24 July 1905, d. July 1972
FatherJames Lateral McKamey
MotherEffie T. B. Bazeal
Birth*Betty Sue McKamey was born on 24 July 1905 at Arkansas, USA. 
Marriage* On 22 July 1945 Betty Sue McKamey and Judge Milton R. Beck, son of Jacob William Beck and Minnie Macheledt, were married at Arkansas, USA. 
Death* In July 1972, she died. 
Burial* Betty Sue McKamey was buried at Arkansas, USA. 
ChartsBeck Family Tree

James Lateral McKamey

Marriage* James Lateral McKamey and Effie T. B. Bazeal were married. 


Effie T. B. Bazeal

Mark McKane

(?) McKay

Christine Clair McKay

Frederick Norman McKay

(?) McKee

Bruce McKenzie

Carmen P. McKenzie