Roger Arthur Pagel

Marriage* Roger Arthur Pagel and Lois Elna Fredin were married. 

Ronald Roger Pagel

Marriage* Ronald Roger Pagel and Lori Lynn Harbarth were married. 

Rose Ann Pagel

FatherJerome John Pagel b. 7 Dec 1939, d. 14 Jan 1995
MotherAnn Bertha Collins b. 13 Jun 1942, d. 11 Sep 2008

Dianne Lynn Pagelkopf



Walter Pagelow

Bradley John Pagnekopf

Eric Pagoria

Matthew Pagoria

Owen Pagoria

Samuel Pagoria

Alice Catherine Pahl

Marriage* Alice Catherine Pahl and Clarence Ernest Blomquist were married. 

Edith Pahl

Marriage* Edith Pahl and John Krumviede were married. 


John Krumviede

Carmen Paigo

Marriage* Carmen Paigo and Ann Grigaitis were married. 

Paul Anthony Paigo

FatherCarmen Paigo
MotherAnn Grigaitis



Paul Anthony Paigo Jr.

b. 22 March 1982, d. 12 September 1996
Birth*Paul Anthony Paigo Jr. was born on 22 March 1982. 
Death* On Thursday, 12 September 1996 at age 14, he died from an asthma attack. 

Serena N. Paigo

Cassie Painter

Cody Painter

Daniel Painter

Emily Painter

James Painter

Scott Painter

Augusta Paitg

b. January 1833
Marriage* Augusta Paitg and August Witte were married. 
Burial* Augusta Paitg was buried at Wisconsin, USA. 
Birth*She was born in January 1833. 


August Witte b. 20 Apr 1826, d. 24 Oct 1896

Reverend Michael Pakula

John Palacio