Bertha Bauer

Marriage* Bertha Bauer and Otto Rose were married. 

Bruce Bauer

Cleora Marian Bauer

b. 9 February 1924, d. 15 December 2001
FatherRussell Bauer
MotherElsie Torgeson
Name Variation Cleora Marian Bauer was also known as Lee. 
Birth*She was born on 9 February 1924 at Minnesota, USA. 
Marriage* On 22 August 1949 Cleora Marian Bauer and Melvin Wilford Kleist, son of Emil Arthur Kleist and Margaretha Rosette Willmsen, were married at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Saturday, 15 December 2001 at age 77, she died at Wisconsin, USA. 
Funeral*Funeral services were held for Cleora Marian Bauer on 20 December 2001 at Wisconsin, USA.. 
Burial Cleora Marian Bauer was buried at Minnesota, USA. 
ChartsKleist Family Tree
Mielke Family Tree
Steinke/Sternke Family Tree

Dale R. Bauer

Diane Frances Bauer

Marriage* Diane Frances Bauer and Joseph Nicholas Hentges were married. 

Erica Bauer

George Bauer

Marriage* George Bauer and Wilhelmina Ackermann were married. 


Wilhelmina Ackermann

Harry John Bauer

Marriage* Harry John Bauer and Lucille Henrietta Borchert were married. 

Jake Bauer

Joel Charles Bauer

FatherHarry John Bauer
MotherLucille Henrietta Borchert

Judy Ann Bauer

Marriage* Judy Ann Bauer and Veryl Ebert Schuch were married. 

Lavarne Katherine Bauer

Marriage* Lavarne Katherine Bauer and Mercel Raymond Vos were married. 

Leta Margaret Bauer

Marriage* Leta Margaret Bauer and Robert Elwood Lee were married. 


Robert Elwood Lee

Lois Beverly Bauer

b. 5 February 1933, d. 10 July 2009
FatherRalph Bauer
MotherEmma Lenore Kvam
Birth*Lois Beverly Bauer was born on 5 February 1933 at North Dakota, USA. 
BirthShe was born on 5 February 1934. 
Marriage* Lois Beverly Bauer and James Patrick John Pass, son of John George Pass and Marie Elizabeth Theis, were married. 
Death* On Friday, 10 July 2009 at age 76, she died at California, USA. 
ChartsPass Family Tree

Margaret Marie Bauer

Marriage* Margaret Marie Bauer and Joseph Henry Traxler were married. 
Name Variation Margaret Marie Bauer was also known as Margaret Mary. 

Marvin Mathew Bauer

Megan Bauer

Melissa Ann Bauer

Ralph Bauer

Marriage* Ralph Bauer and Emma Lenore Kvam were married. 


Emma Lenore Kvam

Ray J. Bauer

Richard R. Bauer

FatherRay J. Bauer

Ricky Robert Bauer

Name Variation Ricky Robert Bauer was also known as Rick. 
Marriage* Ricky Robert Bauer and Shari Lee Sander were married. 

Robert Bauer

Reverend Robert Bauer

Rod Bauer