Charles Junior Barth

Marriage* Charles Junior Barth and Phyllis Ann Grabau were married. 

Elizabeth Frances Marie Barth

Gottfried Barth



Heiderose Lydia Barth Barth

Jesse Lee Barth

Margaret Joanne Barth

FatherCharles Junior Barth
MotherPhyllis Ann Grabau

Reinhaard Barth

Marriage* Reinhaard Barth and Shirley Jordon were married. 

Thomas Wayne Barth

FatherReinhaard Barth
MotherShirley Jordon

Tim Barth

Wilhelmine Barth

b. 16 October 1834, d. 24 May 1904
Name Variation Wilhelmine Barth was also known as Wilhelmina Barth. 
Birth*She was born on 16 October 1834 at Saxony (Sachsen), Germany. 
BirthShe was born circa October 1836 at Germany. 
Marriage* On circa 1859 Wilhelmine Barth and Friederick Wildgrube, son of (?) Wildgrube and Christina (?), were married at Germany. 
Death* On Tuesday, 24 May 1904 at age 69, she died from stomach cancer at Wisconsin, USA. 


Friederick Wildgrube b. c Sep 1832, d. 22 Jul 1900
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Daniel Paul Barthel

Denise Barthel

Denise Annette Barthel

FatherJames Joseph Barthel
MotherPatricia Bernadette Servaty

Douglas James Barthel

FatherJames Joseph Barthel
MotherPatricia Bernadette Servaty

Elizabeth Barthel

Gerald Clarence Barthel

Marriage* Gerald Clarence Barthel and Joan Rae Hawk were married. 

James Joseph Barthel

Marriage* James Joseph Barthel and Patricia Bernadette Servaty were married. 

Justin Barthel

Katelyn Emily Barthel

Louis Barthel

Marriage* Louis Barthel and Sylvia Scherber were married. 

Mark Robert Barthel

Ricky Joseph Barthel

FatherGerald Clarence Barthel
MotherJoan Rae Hawk

Robert Felix Barthel

Scott Barthel

Sharon Marie Barthel

FatherLouis Barthel
MotherSylvia Scherber