Wendy (?)

d. before 5 November 2014
Death* Before 5 November 2014, she died. 

Wendy (?)

Wendy (?)

Wilhelmina (?)

Marriage* Wilhelmina (?) and Charles Jankow Sr. were married. 
Name Variation Wilhelmina (?) was also known as Minnie (?). 


Charles Jankow Sr.

Wilhelmina (?)

Marriage* Wilhelmina (?) and August Pawelk were married. 


August Pawelk

Will (?)

Will (?)

Willa (?)

Wyatt (?)

Xavier (?)

Zachariah (?)

Zachary (?)

Zack (?)

Zechaiah (?)


d. before 1897
Marriage* On before 1893 (?) and Bridget Rowan were married. 
Death* Before 1897, he died. 

Hans Jensen Aagard

Marriage* Hans Jensen Aagard and Ardis Mae Schroeder were married. 

Kari Lynn Aagard

FatherHans Jensen Aagard
MotherArdis Mae Schroeder

Karleen Ann Aakhus

FatherMiles Doran Aakhus
MotherDorothy Ann Kolling

Miles Doran Aakhus

Marriage* Miles Doran Aakhus and Dorothy Ann Kolling were married. 

James Cornell Aalderks

Marriage* On 7 December 2002 James Cornell Aalderks and Patricia Marie Walburn were married at Minnesota, USA. 

Cheryl Denise Aalgaard

FatherDonald Robert Aalgaard
MotherMildred Andrea Gerjets

Donald Robert Aalgaard

Name Variation Donald Robert Aalgaard was also known as Don. 
Marriage* Donald Robert Aalgaard and Mildred Andrea Gerjets were married. 

Jonathan Aanestad

Father Gregory Abbott

Dale Douglas Abear

FatherDouglas Frank Abear b. 12 May 1921, d. 3 May 2009
MotherEthel Marie Harms b. 25 Sep 1923, d. 1 Nov 1966