Steve Adams

Ann Marie Adamski

Eugene Ellis Adamson

Name Variation Eugene Ellis Adamson was also known as Gene. 
Marriage* Eugene Ellis Adamson and Rita Marie Browne were married. 

J.M. Adamson

Kerry Eileen Adamson

FatherEugene Ellis Adamson
MotherRita Marie Browne

Darla Adamy

Joseph William Adcock

Marriage* Joseph William Adcock and Alta Teel were married. 
Divorce*Joseph William Adcock and Alta Teel were divorced before 1920. 


Alta Teel

Richard Adcock

FatherRobert William Adcock b. 25 Aug 1912, d. 5 Mar 1998
MotherFlorence Lucille Bremmer b. 26 Oct 1913, d. 23 Apr 1998

Robert William Adcock

b. 25 August 1912, d. 5 March 1998
FatherJoseph William Adcock
MotherAlta Teel
Birth*Robert William Adcock was born on 25 August 1912 at Illinois, USA. 
Marriage* Robert William Adcock and Florence Lucille Bremmer, daughter of John L. Bremmer and Martha D. Kremzow, were married. 
Death* On Thursday, 5 March 1998 at age 85, he died at Florida, USA. 
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(?) Adelman

Terri Marie Adema

Dean Calvon Ades

Marriage* Dean Calvon Ades and Jean Lucille Thomsen were married. 

Michele Ann Ades

FatherDean Calvon Ades
MotherJean Lucille Thomsen

Arthur Emil Adickes

Marriage* Arthur Emil Adickes and Dolores Albertina Lange were married. 

Carol Jean Lydia Adickes

FatherArthur Emil Adickes
MotherDolores Albertina Lange

Dona Lee Adkins

b. 3 August 1903, d. 4 June 1997
FatherRobert Weaver Adkins
MotherAtlas Crisp
Name Variation Dona Lee Adkins was also known as Dona Lee. 
Birth*She was born on 3 August 1903 at Illinois, USA. 
Marriage* On 18 March 1923 Dona Lee Adkins and Andreas Carl Emil Pinz, son of Herman F. G. Pinz and Sophie Marie Bertha Harms, were married at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Wednesday, 4 June 1997 at age 93, she died at Minnesota, USA. 
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Robert Weaver Adkins

Marriage* Robert Weaver Adkins and Atlas Crisp were married. 


Atlas Crisp

Alecia Jean Adney

Michael James Adney

Nicholas Robert Adney

Brittany Camille Affolter

Chester Ervin Affolter

FatherErvin Edward Affolter b. 14 Aug 1916, d. 23 Nov 1975
MotherEvelyn Marcella Zumberge b. 24 Apr 1919, d. 25 Jan 1990

Cody Shane Affolter

Edward W. Affolter

Marriage* Edward W. Affolter and Emma C. Malz were married. 


Emma C. Malz

Ervin Edward Affolter

b. 14 August 1916, d. 23 November 1975
FatherEdward W. Affolter
MotherEmma C. Malz
Birth*Ervin Edward Affolter was born on 14 August 1916 at Minnesota, USA. 
Marriage* On 1939 Ervin Edward Affolter and Evelyn Marcella Zumberge, daughter of William Zumberge and Lena Buckentin, were married. 
Death* On Sunday, 23 November 1975 at age 59, he died at Minnesota, USA. 


Evelyn Marcella Zumberge b. 24 Apr 1919, d. 25 Jan 1990
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