George Moonen

Marriage* George Moonen and Blanche Henke were married. 

Vici Lyn Moonen



Brian Kriston Mooney

Cari Ellen Mooney

Elizabeth Mooney

Marriage* Elizabeth Mooney and James Flaherty were married. 

Helen Mooney

Marriage* Helen Mooney and Robert Scanlon were married. 

Patrick Frank Mooney

Reverend Warren Mooney

(?) Moore

(?) Moore

Aaron Moore

Adam Samuel Moore

Charles H. Moore

Marriage* Charles H. Moore and Laura Rinkel were married. 

Christopher Daniel Moore

Dale Moore

b. 9 June 1927, d. 7 November 1976
Birth*Dale Moore was born on 9 June 1927. 
Marriage* On 13 February 1954 Dale Moore and Muriel Emily Harms, daughter of William F. Harms and Adela Harjes, were married. 
Death* On Sunday, 7 November 1976 at age 49, he died at Washington, USA. 
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Harms Family Tree

Douglas James Moore

FatherJames Arnold Moore
MotherSheila Rowena Broten

James Arnold Moore

Marriage* James Arnold Moore and Sheila Rowena Broten were married. 

John William Moore

Kerry Moore

FatherDale Moore b. 9 Jun 1927, d. 7 Nov 1976
MotherMuriel Emily Harms b. 14 May 1927, d. 4 Jun 1974

Krystal Moore

Living Unknown #1 Moore

Marcia Marie Moore

FatherRobert Moore
MotherFlorence Milne

Mark Donald Moore

Matilda Martha Catherine Moore

Name Variation Matilda Martha Catherine Moore was also known as Martha. 
Marriage* Matilda Martha Catherine Moore and James Franklin Wallis were married. 


James Franklin Wallis

Mitchel Joseph Moore