Kevin Alan Murphy

FatherJohn Dalton Murphy
MotherDorene Mae Swanson

Mackenzie Murphy

Maryann Murphy

Step-fatherDonald James Brockob b. 5 Oct 1928, d. 4 Dec 2002

Michael J. Murphy

Step-fatherDonald James Brockob b. 5 Oct 1928, d. 4 Dec 2002

Paige Murphy

Patricia Ann Murphy

Marriage* Patricia Ann Murphy and David Jon Oien were married. 

Paul Murphy

Terrence Daniel Murphy

Thomas Francis Murphy

Tim Murphy

Frank Peter Musbach

Marriage* Frank Peter Musbach and Edna Otilia Sperber were married. 


Edna Otilia Sperber

Marilyn Mae Musbach

b. 29 April 1932, d. 28 February 2011
FatherFrank Peter Musbach
MotherEdna Otilia Sperber
Birth*Marilyn Mae Musbach was born on 29 April 1932 at Wisconsin, USA. 
BaptismShe was baptized at Wisconsin, USA. 
Death* On Monday, 28 February 2011 at age 78, she died at Wisconsin, USA. 
Funeral*Funeral services were held for Marilyn Mae Musbach on 2 March 2011 at Wisconsin, USA.. 



Michele Muselman

Doris Musgrave

Marriage* Doris Musgrave and Donald Johnson were married. 

Constantie Musial

Name Variation Constantie Musial was also known as Konstanti. 
Marriage* Constantie Musial and Verona Tadych were married. 


Verona Tadych

Rose Musial

b. April 1888, d. 10 August 1946
FatherConstantie Musial
MotherVerona Tadych
Name Variation Rose Musial was also known as Rosalia. 
Birth*She was born in April 1888 at Wisconsin, USA. 
Marriage* On between 16 April 1908 and 15 April 1909 Rose Musial and Nicholas A. Kowalski, son of Lawrence Kowalski and Ludwika Machiefski, were married. 
Death* On Saturday, 10 August 1946 at age 58, she died at Wisconsin, USA. 
Funeral*Funeral services were held for Rose Musial on 13 August 1946 at Wisconsin, USA.. 
Burial On 13 August 1946 Rose Musial was buried at Wisconsin, USA. 


Nicholas A. Kowalski b. 1 Jun 1887, d. 4 Jun 1965
ChartsKowalski Family Tree

Kristen Musich

Catharina Musmann

Marriage* Catharina Musmann and Friedrich Grewe were married. 


Friedrich Grewe

Benedict Mustenteiger

Marriage* Benedict Mustenteiger and Isabelle LaTour were married. 

James Francis Mustenteiger

FatherBenedict Mustenteiger
MotherIsabelle LaTour

Emma Marie Muth

Marriage* Emma Marie Muth and Wallace Jacke Sapp were married. 

Lisa Muth

AlmaLisa Mutzke

Bernhard Heinz Mutzke

b. 22 June 1953, d. 17 March 2012
FatherEgon Jurgen Mutzke
MotherEunice May Bartsch
Nickname Bernhard Heinz Mutzke also went by the name of Bernie. 
Birth*He was born on 22 June 1953 at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Saturday, 17 March 2012 at age 58, he died. 
Funeral*Funeral services were held for Bernhard Heinz Mutzke on 21 March 2012 at Minnesota, USA.. 
Burial On 21 March 2012 Bernhard Heinz Mutzke was buried at Minnesota, USA. 

Bernhard Heinz Mutzke Jr.

FatherBernhard Heinz Mutzke b. 22 Jun 1953, d. 17 Mar 2012